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Simon G. Powell: MetaNOIA - A New Vision of Nature

Simon G. Powell: MetaNOIA - A New Vision of Nature

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Central to the film is the concept of natural intelligence. The underlying premise is that our current definitions of what life is, and what evolution represents, fall short of the mark and do Nature a major disservice. Rather than seeing the evolution of life as a dumb and mindless process, Powell proposes that evolution is a naturally smart process in which naturally smart systems of bio-logic are gradually woven into existence. Indeed, the film provides compelling evidence that Nature, as a whole, is best understood as a system of self-organising intelligence.

With all the time, energy and resources in the world, Nature ultimately assembles conscious entities capable of making sense of how, and whence, they originated. Perhaps this process of making sense is what, at heart, the Universe is all about.....

But who really cares about all this? Who really cares if Nature is a system of self-organising intelligence? Estranged from Nature, we humans are primarily occupied with consuming and dismantling the living biosphere, content with our technological gadgets and our apparent mastery of life. We esteem the capabilities of human intelligence but ignore the natural intelligence that underlies our very existence. And yet 'the survival of that which makes sense' must also apply to us, to our own global behaviour. If human culture fails to make sense within the context of the rest of the biosphere then human life as we know it will not persist (in the long-term, only 'that which makes sense' survives). And yet it is still "business as usual in a surreal atmosphere of contradiction and confusion" that drives human culture.

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