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The Glades


Kriminalinė veiksmo drama pateiks ne tik kvapą gniaužiančius detektyvų ir policijos vykdomų procedūrų vaizdus, įtrauks į paslaptingomis detalėmis apipintų bylų tyrimą saulėtosios Floridos pakrantėje, bet ir privers nusišypsoti – kandaus, ironiško, o kartais net juodojo humoro perliukų čia tikrai netruks! Pagrindinis Pelkės herojus – puikus, darbą išmanantis, bet savo charakteriu kartais užknisantis detektyvas Džimas Longvortas, įkūnijamas aktoriaus Matto Passmore‘o.

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  • aurelija15 prieš 3 metus
    ar busu 5 sesonas ar ne pasakykit taip ar ne
  • wizardas prieš 4 metus
    Čia galit pasiskaityti. As A&E’s Longmire opened its new season last week, it was brought back into focus that its lead-in The Glades is no more. That in turn reminded fans of the Florida-set drama that they never found out who shot lawman Jim Longworth in cold blood — and on his wedding day to Callie, no less!
    When TVLine met up with former Glades star Matt Passmore at the NBCU Upfronts — where he was promoting his new USA Network drama, Satsifaction — we sought out an answer to the unsolved mystery. (Per TVLine readers, WITSEC wonk Tony was among the smattering of suspects.) “I think I know who killed Jim Longworth, but I probably can’t say it for another couple of years,” the actor teased.

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    Wait — did he just say killed? Meaning, Jim (in theory) did not survive the wedding day bloodshed? Prompted to reconsider his words, Passmore said, “I have my opinions about [the shooting] — I get asked that question all the time — and I figured that at the end of the day, ‘Who killed Jim Longworth?’ The network did, so….”
    A&E recast the Season 4 finale as a series finale with the announcement last August that the show was not being renewed — just days after The Glades hit ratings highs for a season-ending episode. Come February, female lead Kiele Sanchez moved on to the new DirecTV drama Navy St.; weeks after that, Passmore landed the lead in Satisfaction.
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    Penned by Sean Jablonski (Suits, Nip/Tuck) and premiering July 17, USA’s Satisfaction follows investment banker Neil Truman as he discovers that his wife Grace (R.I.P.D.‘s Stephanie Szostak) had a dalliance with a male escort. “They’re coming to a point where they’re still in love but going through the motions,” Passmore explains. “They’ve got the American dream but they’re still not happy, so they find themselves falling into very unconventional ways of trying to [be satisfied].”
    And by “unconventional,” Passmore means that Neil himself “starts to dabble” in the male escort business, all in the name of finding out how their services help unhappily married women cope. Sigh — what would Callie say?!

    IR ČIA PASISKAITYKIT: There was huge possibilities for this show. The exhusband could have shot Jim; Callies sister could have out of jealousy – after all Callies getting married “again” and jealous little sister cannot stand it; and I could go on and on …. This is not the first time A&E has blown it. What is wrong with them? No loyalty to fans so they should have no fans or viewers!
  • vienisa72 prieš 4 metus
    tai ka tas mirsta svajoniu namuose milimos moters .ne bus 5sezonas nes idomu kas nusove . manau kad vyras is pavydo
  • aurelija15 prieš 4 metus
    Zaurei nelogiska jei cia pabaiga ta 13 serija zauri intriga paliko tikrai turi butu sekantis sezonas nes jei butu paskutinis tai bent normaliu paskutini sukurtu
  • letiniuti prieš 4 metus
    kazkokia nesamone ,baiges nenormalei ir 5 sezono nebus manau .gaila labai
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