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National Geographic: Wild Monster Fish Mekong Mystery

National Geographic: Wild Monster Fish Mekong Mystery

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Join National Geographic Explorer Zeb Hogan on a quest to save some of the biggest freshwater fish in the world. We'll track the elusive freshwater stingray, believed to be only a legend in northern Cambodia until Hogan came face to face with one. Need proof? See exclusive, never-before-seen underwater images of these giant freshwater stingrays. Then, Hogan is off to Southeast Asia to study the giant Mekong catfish, which can grow to be as large as a grizzly bear! Today more than 70 percent of the giant Mekong catfish are in danger of extinction due to overfishing and rapid development along the great rivers of Asia. Using underwater tracking devices to locate their mysterious spawning grounds, he attempts to unravel the mystery of where these titans of the deep live and breed. Then, witness a rare capture of a giant Mekong and watch Hogan persuade local fishermen to release the endangered creature back into the wild.

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