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National Geographic Megastructures: Mega Breakdown Train Overhaul

National Geographic Megastructures: Mega Breakdown Train Overhaul

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Join the team who recover and reassemble the Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs) that launch the space shuttle into bit. Technicians seamen and engineers catch recover and rebuild these critical vehicles making sure that they are safe to fly every time they are bolted to the side of the launch vehicle. If they dont get every detail exactly right disaster can occur: on January 28 1986 NASA lost seven astronauts in the Challenger disaster as a result of a small fault in one of the SRBs. The risks to those who carry out the SRB wk are less publicized but very real and the job demands everything from open water dive operations to wking with high explosives. The launch lasts just minutes but its only the beginning of a process where the lives of astronauts and the health of the entire space program hang in the balance.A breakdown crew in Illinois tears apart old and decrepit locomotives. They reuse recycle and rebuild them from the frame up into high tech energy efficient machines.

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