Martyno Liuterio gyvenimas

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Martyno Liuterio gyvenimas

The Luther animation series displays the life of the former monk, later theologian and reformer Martin Luther whose work and theology established the basis for the renewal of the Church. Lutheran churches following his thoughts and principles exist today all over the world. The ten-episode series presents his childhood, the early years in the monastery and the years of conflict with the Pope and the Catholic Church, up until the birth of Reformation. The episodes not only feature the life of the reformer, they also display the most important historical events and the characteristics of the German Church and society in the 16th century.

The series was primarily designed for the age 12 plus but the complexity and varied possibilities of its interpretation also provide adults with valuable information and a lasting experience. The visual style combines woodcut and cartoon in order to bring the Medieval era closer to our modern world. Similarly, the preparation for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, though focusing on events and traditions of the past, follows with interest the effects they have on the present and future of the Church.

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