Manchester United The Official History 1878-2002

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Manchester United The Official History 1878-2002

Manchester United Football Club started life as Newton Heath, a team founded by workers from the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway in 1878. This is where this DVD starts, recounting the history of Manchester United. Honours soon followed and the first of seven First Division titles was won in 1908. With an FA Cup win the following year, and another league title two years later, Manchester United were firmly establishing themselves as a force in English football.

The history continues: Old Trafford was bombed during the war and we witness the painful rebuilding process before moving into an era of great success and tragedy under the inspirational management of Sir Matt Busby. He was the first manager to lead an English club into Europe before the Munich plane crash prematurely robbed football of his brilliant 'Busby Babes'. But Busby and 'United were not to let this
tragedy defeat them as Busby created another brilliant team starring Charlton, Best and Law that was to shine in England and go on to win the European Cup.

In the years after Busby's resignation, FA Cups followed at regular intervals but the League Championship continued to elude United until Sir Alex Ferguson built the team of the nineties that have gone on to win seven premiership titles over the last ten years. Built around home-grown talent and inspirational signings such as Eric Cantona, Manchester United moved into an era of unrivalled success which culminated in the remarkable treble of 1999. But Manchester United's history does not stop there. Further championships followed in both 2000 and 2001 and this DVD finishes at a time when Ferguson, through the signings of Ruud van Nistelrooy, Juan Sebastian Veron and Rio Ferdinand is building another team worthy of success at home and in Europe.

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