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Ledynmetis: Velykinio kiaušinio paieška

Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade

Ledynmetis: Velykinio kiaušinio paieška

About 3 months after the events of the fourth film, Manny and his crew get ready for Easter. With Ellie struggles to make the decorations single-handedly, Manny and Diego try to watch wrestling between 2 different animals, Crash and Eddie try repeated unsuccessful attempts to prank Peaches (starting the first April Fools Day), who wants to spend Easter with her friends, and Scrat once again loses his acorn when it becomes a tree. In the meantime, Sid decides to look after eggs for the owners of them, much to the scorn of Manny and Diego.

Meanwhile, Squint the pirate bunny has been living in his home hole for the past 3 months with his lazy brother Clint and mother. After getting back on his feet, the pirate sees Manny and his group and confronts them, demanding a new boat, but is unsuccessful. However, he steals the eggs when Sid falls asleep, forcing the sloth and his friends to look for them and Clint lands a hand by giving them a map to the eggs, which have been painted by Squint to camafloudge them. When they retrieve the eggs and see through their disguise, they find they are 1 egg short, with Squint telling them that if they don't make a boat for him by the next day, the egg will be scrambled.

Clint leads his brother into an ambush by Manny, Sid, and Diego. They find the egg when it's revealed to be painted into an acorn and has been taken by Scrat. When Manny washes the paint off, a disappointed Scrat throws the egg off a Cliff and the gang manage to retrieve it. Squint battles with Sid to get the egg, but the ice cracks and Squint is eventually led into Crash and Eddie's latest prank. After that, the mammoth family decide to spend Easter together and Sid suggests the Clint be the Easter Bunny by painting eggs every year and hiding them. Meanwhile, Squint uses Scrat's nut basket as a ship, but it sinks and Scrat is unable to stop him due to being covered in chocolate that drys up like cement.

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  • Jurtiga prieš 3 metus
    labaifainas filmukas visai seimai verta paziureti vakare su seima ;))) 10/10! wubpink Su velykom!
  • Justinaez prieš 3 metus
    Geras filmukas tik gaila kad biski trumpas. Ben mano 6 metu dukrytei labai patiko.
  • sajanas23 prieš 3 metus
    geras filmas, nesuprantu kas jums blogai
  • Justinagri prieš 3 metus
    tasku svaistymas angry
  • Justas20000 prieš 3 metus
    Kas cia per nesamone tasku svaistymas . Apgavyste
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