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David Irving on the Search for Truth in History - WWII Holocaust research suppression

David Irving on the Search for Truth in History - WWII Holocaust research suppression



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gera kokybė

This was filmed in 1993 after the then Labor government coerced by jewish interests banned Mr. Irving from coming to Australia for a series of speaking engagements. The jews could not have a man of the caliber of Mr. Irving re-educate the brain-dead masses in this country. The jews have made an industry out of making us feel pity and shame for what may or may not have happened to them in the Second World War. They cannot have people like Mr. Irving standing up against the status quo with the truth. The truth is something that they cannot fight against so instead of arguing against Mr. Irving they deny him entry into many countries and try to silence him by creating new laws that deny everyone free speech. Free speech as we knew it is dead but especially so if you disagree with the jewish position that Hitler killed 6 million jews in death camps during the Second World War. The jews are so high and mighty that to question them is the vilest sin possible. To question the supposed deaths of six million jews in death camps with the facts, which state that only 100,000 died in Auschwitz and most of these died from disease and not gas chambers, is to be considered worse than any criminal. Mr. Irving attacks those who would shut him down permanently with poise and dignity. The ridiculous thing about the whole episode is that Mr. Irving has never written any material about the holocaust, which he deftly calls the legend of the holocaust. Mr. Irving does not deny that wrongs occurred in world war two, but he does say that why is one side vilified to the extreme while the other gets statues erected in its honour after the bombings of Hamburg and Dresden and numerous other German cities during the war resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocence Germans. I only became aware of this film when Jeremy Jones and other Zionists who control this country recently banned it from a film festival in Melbourne. So in that respect I am glad it was banned if only to grab my attention, so I immediately bought a copy of the film and have no regrets in doing so. I highly recommend this film for the way in which Mr. Irving intelligently opposes the will of the jew and makes light of the way they try to stop him at every turn. I hope that one day in the not too distant future Mr. Irving can once again come to this country as I for one will be one of the first to come to his speeches.

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