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This 90 minute DVD takes a look at some of Cricket's funniest and most infamous moments of all time. From captains to commentators, we'll look at some of the strangest situations to ever occur in cricket's history. From questionable coin tosses to under arm deliveries - we explore the misguided and the misunderstood, the magical and the mystifying. From past to present, stars of all teams (including awesome Aussies such as Shane Warne & Merv Hughes, Indian legends Kapil Dev & Sachin Tendulkar, or English hero's like Graham Gooch & Michael Atherton) get up to weird and wonderful antics at every turn. Witness the most outrageous uniforms, helmets, bats, and hairstyles ever seen outside of a fancy dress party. Marvel at moustaches and sideburns which would make the Village People blush. And don't forget the Umpires, each with their own unique, controversial and often outrageous rule interpretations. More importantly, it's the fans who make the cricket world go around, and here they are at their best and worst. Laugh out loud at the mischief and the mayhem a full stadium can create. See hilarious signs that would make a comedian proud, catches a wicketkeeper would be envious of, and warm-up routines to loosen the most rusty fast-bowler's limbs. Join Matthew Hardy as we watch the blunders and the wonders of cricket's lighter and brighter moments.

    Aktoriai: Matthew Hardy

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