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Beyond Black Mesa

Beyond Black Mesa





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The fan made Half Life 2 short film, Beyond Black Mesa was released in full over the weekend. The team behind the film shot the entire project in their spare time, doing all of the stunts and special effects themselves. The result is a spectacular recreation of the Half Life universe that could have been made by pros. You’ll find the full twelve minute film embedded below.

The film follows Adrian Shephard, the main character from Half Life: Opposing Force, as he and his fellow resistance fighters struggle to deliver a message about the incoming Combine invasion. The project took the seven film makers two years and $1200 to make. The production team discovered their flare for film making with their first short, Concrete Hustle, in which they stage a lightsabre fight in an abandoned car park. For some behind the scenes information on the making of Beyond Black Mesa, check out the Beyond Black Mesa site.

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