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The Army of Crime

L'armée du crime

The Army of Crime



139 min


Dramos, Istoriniai


gera kokybė

ARMY OF CRIME is a revealing thriller about the very first days of the French Resistance to Nazi occupation, a time when many of the movement's leaders and foot soldiers were often foreigners - Poles, Jews, Armenians, Spaniards, Italians - who feared French collaborators as much as the Germans. Armenian poet Missak Manouchian, portrayed in a stand-out performance by Simon Abkarian, and his French wife Mélinée, played by the luminous Virginie Ledoyen, lead a resolute assortment of volunteers against German occupiers and their French allies. Varying in their actual homelands, and in their personal and tragic reasons for joining the struggle, they are united by the understanding that the danger and ferocity of Nazi oppression will only increase unless squarely confronted. Their valiant plot to assassinate a general ultimately shows that resistance is indeed possible, but their activity attracts the attention of the German high command, which extracts from their act of defiance an unforgettable lesson for the French people.

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